Friday, January 25, 2008

Synthesis of scientific knowledge and agriculture yields results

Though I feel that BT cotton could get him into problem in the long run, it is a great initiative by Venugopal.

Engineer spurns dollars, strikes white gold
Friday January 25 2008 02:59 IST

S Nagaraja Rao

PRODDATUR: Who could have imagined a young engineer striking it rich in farming at a time when others of his kind are frantically chasing dollar dreams?

K Venugopal Reddy, Best Farmer awardee, from Rajupalem mandal in Proddatur, just smiles away the query.

Growing cotton is a risky venture but by adopting modern pre and post-harvest practices and following the advice of scientists, Reddy has realised 13 quintals of cotton per acre that won him the award from the State Government.

A mechanical engineer by education, Reddy toiled hard for years raising the risky cotton crop, also known as White Gold. The engineer-turned-agriculturist adopts modern harvesting and management practices.

He has raised cotton in a 15-acre plot out of his 20-acre holdings. In the remaining five acres, he has raised other crops.

“I cultivated three varieties of BT Cotton of which Mico Nikanj and Krushidan have given good yield. I produced 13 quintals of cotton per acre.

It’s possible if we follow the advice of agricultural scientists and officials. Investment was less and the yield, much better,” he explains.

Recognising his hard work, the State Government has conferred the Adarsa Rythu award on him at the district level. Kadapa Mayor Ravindranath Reddy gave away the award during the recent Sankranthi Sambaralu.

“Even though I did a course in mechanical engineering, I have always been interested in agriculture and wanted to convert our fields into money spinners. I am happy and proud that my efforts are bearing fruit,” Venugopal Reddy says

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